Hi 👋, I'm Israel.

A senior product designer specializing in customer experiences for responsive web, native applications, and CTV. Let's connect.

Note: I'm currently in the process of updating my most recent projects (Projects are from 4/21). Please reach out for an update of more recent work.

TV Cross Platform Experience

MY ROLE: Lead designer, Research, Visual, Handoff

Design the experience of landing on a show's detail page.

MY ROLE: Research, Visual Design, Handoff

Build a new design system from scratch for a streaming platform.

MY ROLE: Manage Design System, Design Congtribute

Research and optimize a crowdfunding funnel to raise money for TV show pilots.

MY ROLE: Research, Wireframe, Prototype, Visual Design, User Testing

Build a registeration flow across multiple devices.

MY ROLE: Research, Wireframe, Visual Design, User Testing

Design a content management system for TV show creators.

MY ROLE: Project Management, User Flow, Wireframe, User Testing

Build a cohesive video library experience for Web, iOS, Android and TV Platforms.

MY ROLE: Research, User Flow, Wireframe, Visual Design, User Testing

Thanks for viewing my work.

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