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Project Overview

Objective: Develop a personalized onboarding experience for new users on Pluto TV, particularly for connected TV (CTV).

Hypothesis: New users benefit from tailored content recommendations. Personalized in-app videos, messages, and content suggestions can enhance user engagement and retention.

Discovery Phase

  • Research: Analyzed user behavior and current onboarding processes.
  • Stakeholder Alignment: Engaged with product managers, developers, and marketing teams to align on goals and requirements.
  • Key Findings: Identified pain points in the current onboarding process and opportunities for improvement.

Ideation and Concept Development

  • Brainstorming Sessions: Conducted multiple workshops to generate ideas for the onboarding experience.
  • Wireframes and Mockups: Created initial wireframes and mockups, iterating based on feedback from stakeholders and potential users.

User Testing

  • Prototype Development: Developed a clickable prototype to simulate the new onboarding experience.
  • Testing Sessions: Conducted user testing with a diverse group of participants to gather qualitative and quantitative feedback.
  • Insights:
    • Ease of Use: Users found the streamlined onboarding process intuitive and appreciated the removal of redundant steps.
    • Content Relevance: Personalized recommendations were well-received, with users indicating a higher likelihood of engaging with suggested content.
    • Engagement: Interactive elements and clear instructions significantly improved user engagement during onboarding.
    • Areas for Improvement: Some users suggested further simplification of the initial screens and clearer explanations of certain features.

Design and Development

  • Refinement: Updated designs based on user testing feedback, focusing on usability and accessibility.
  • Key Changes: Removed the welcome screen to streamline the experience; integrated explanatory copy into the first interactive screen.
  • Collaboration: Worked closely with a coworker to develop a flexible onboarding template that could adapt to different user needs.

AI and Machine Learning Integration

  • Recommendation Modal: Partnered with the machine learning team to develop a recommendation engine that suggests content based on user preferences.
  • Algorithm Optimization: Continuously refined the recommendation algorithm based on user interaction data and feedback.

Design System and Accessibility

  • Design System Integration: Ensured all mockups adhered to the company’s design system standards.
  • Accessibility Checks: Collaborated with the accessibility team to ensure the onboarding process was inclusive and easy to navigate for all users.

Delivery and Implementation

  • JIT File Preparation: Prepared Just In Time (JIT) files for developers, including detailed components, redlines, and annotations.
  • Developer Collaboration: Conducted handoff meetings and provided ongoing support to developers during the implementation phase.

Quality Assurance and Experimentation

  • QA Collaboration: Worked with the QA team to identify and resolve any implementation issues.
  • Initial Results: Early experiments showed an increase in TVMs (Total Viewing Minutes) and returning user rates.

Next Steps

  • Optimization: If initial results are positive, present findings to leadership for further optimization and potential rollout.
  • Future Enhancements: Explore removing the channel selection screen based on mobile discovery insights, improve engagement for less active users, and evaluate the effectiveness of the current recommendation modal.


Onboarding/Activation spans our user’s first drop until they have fully made Pluto a habitual part of their entertainment mix. Users move through the onboarding flow early in their tenure until they either full become engaged users or they churn. The goal is to ensure that as many users as possible successfully set themselves up early in their tenure to find and experience entertainment value on our platform.

Benefit Hypothesis

New users require support finding and watching relevant content within Pluto TV. These users benefit from in app videos, messages, and recommendations during these early sessions so that they can more easily find how Pluto TV fits in their entertainment mix.

Step 1 – DESIGN-6754

[Research & Design] New Roku User Content Picker Preferences Prototype

As a designer
I want to create 1-3 design options and flows for new users on Roku based from previous future vision work created.
So that I can present, gather feedback and implement final refinements.

Acceptance Criteria
Given I have the goals of the content picker
AND I create 1-3 design options and flows.
Then I will present to stakeholders for review and make any necessary revisions for final version (s).


  • Gather and review all previous content picker work
  • Collaborate with stakeholders to align on goals
  • Informal competitive analysis
  • Generate 1-3 design/prototypes
  • Present to stakeholders and gather feedback
  • Make any refinements.

{Drop in the embed code here or image assets (DESIGN-6754.jam)}

Step 2 – DESIGN-6760

[Test Script] Content Picker Preferences Prototype

User Story
As a research designer
I want to create a test script of 5-15 questions to run 6-8 unmoderated user tests to validate a content picker preferences.
So that I can present to stakeholders for review.

Acceptance Criteria
Given all needed designs and prototypes are completed
AND I create a test script
Then I will review the test script and gather feedback and implemented changes.


  • Create test script
  • Present, gather and implement feedback from stakeholders
  • Implement any needed changes

{Drop in quote of our hypothesis or goal from test script (Testing Script -Content Picker-Roku.rtf) and add prototype embed here or image assets (DESIGN-6754.fig)}

Step 3- DESIGN-6802

[User Test/Synthesize/Dek] Content Picker Preferences

As a research designer
I want to run 7 unmoderated user tests to validate a content picker preferences.
So that I can synthesis and present an insight dek to stakeholder for next steps.

Acceptance Criteria
Given the test script is completed and approved
AND I set up and run the user test
Then I will synthesis and create a presentation dek to present to stakeholders.


  • Set up and run user test
  • Synthesis and get gather insights
  • Create presentation dek
  • Present and gather feedback for design refinements.

{Drop in screenshots of synthesis figjam (Synthesize Content Picker Roku-DESIGN-6802.jam) & slide deck (CTV Content Preference User Insights.odp))}

Step 4- DESIGN-6803

[Refinement] Content Picker Design Updates and Preference Content

User Story
As a designer
I want to make updates based on user testing results.
So that I can present a set of final designs for final review and next steps.

Acceptance Criteria
Given I have the final testing results
AND I have synthesized the information and reviewed with stakeholders.
Then I will present result to stakeholders for review.


  • Update so selected list item moves down vs the list moving to the genre.
  • Annotate that users are able to navigate back using the left arrow on the remote.
  • Meet with engineers, and PMs to align on the best way to order, the personalized questions and on how many choices to display.
  • Make updates and present final flow/designs for review and gather next steps.
  • Design review with @Alexander Schroeder

Add Prototype refinements ([Initiative] – Content Preferences – DESIGN-6754.fig, 🧑‍💻 – Prototype Refinements), Notes and refinements: ([Initiative] – Content Preferences – DESIGN-6754.fig), Content Preference Order Notes

Step 5- DESIGN-6967

[Design] Content Preference Refinements – CTV

User Story
As a designer I want to make design refinements to the content preference flow based on the latest decisions.
So that I can have it JIT enabled when ready to move forward.

Acceptance Criteria
Given I have all the latest updates
AND flow approvals from stakeholders.
Then I will make final design refinements on the flow and layout.


  • Incorporate final onboarding layout
  • Design refinements authentication screen
    • Work with Francisco and Marketing on imagery.
  • Incorporate Sign Up Flows
  • Incorporate Skip Flow logic
  • Incorporate Skip sign in/sign up logic
  • Work with NDS team on selector components
  • Work with Maria on finalizing any copy at the moment.
  • Review with @Alexander Schroeder
  • Review with Stakeholders

Add images of refinements and flows ([Initiative] – Content Preferences – DESIGN-6754.fig, ⚙️ – Production Design (JIT Enabling))

Step 6- DESIGN-7071

[JIT] Content Picker Preferences-Android CTV

User Story
As a designer
I want to create the JIT the content preferences picker for the Android CTV experiment only.
So that I can hand over to developers and review.

Acceptance Criteria
Given all designs/flows
AND requirements have been approved
Then I will built the JIT to get ready to hand off to developers for review. .


  • Create all components
  • Redlines components
  • Create all states & flows
  • Create all annotations

Add images of JIT and flows ([JIT] – Content Preferences Experiment Android- DESIGN-7071.fig)

Step 7- Review with Stakeholders

I need to write a sentence or to about how your reviewed with dev teams and feedback

List of items that possibly needed to get updated?

Step 8- QA

I need to write a sentence or two about how I worked with QA on how things work

maybe comments or video of the review

Step 9- Development

Possibly end with saying this project is in development and results will come.


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