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Algorithm-Driven Design 

I like the this expression from the article: “It’s more like an exoskeleton for designers.”. The page has tons of examples and resources to research further about AI and design.

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React Studio

What if you could prototype in code, and your designs came to life immediately with real data? This is what they claim, and if it’s true. It’s a time saver.

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Machine Learning for designers

I stumbled on this year old article by the UX Collective while researching machine learning and designers. It’s a general overview of the vast topic, but a good start for designers to start thinking how it impacts their work and people.


Products from the Past

The UX Collective put out interesting case studies about products from the past. Here’s one of a USSR mini van taxi from the 1960s. I want one.

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Photograph by Vitaly V. Kuzmin/


Typeform creates a modern, elegant, and brings a human touch to forms. Their blog is also worth digging around for useful information.

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